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The Quick Quarantine Workout

Schools, shops, gyms and more are all closing due to the Corona Virus outbreak, and while I'm all for public safety, I'm also all for a good, immunity boosting sweat. Fortunately, the cycle studio where I teach and the gym where I train are staying open with a few schedule modifications--but not everyone is so fortunate. If you find yourself stuck at home due to school closings, gym closings, or simply good old fashioned fear, there are still plenty of things you can do to stay healthy and active until the world returns to normal.One of my favorites? Get outside! There's nothing like a good run or walk on a sunny day to lift your spirits. Need more incentive? It's free, you don't need fancy equipment, you can bring the kids, and it's easy to practice social distancing in the great outdoors. Want to get your strength training in too? Get creative! I like to use the bench seating along my deck for box jumps and step ups, push ups, and tricep dips, but a curb or park bench works too. Do some body weight squats or pushups at different intervals along your walk/run route, and don't forget crunches, burpees, planks, and walking lunges....all of these require nothing more than your own body weight and offer you a super effective workout---especially when you perform them HIIT or Tabata style. Set a timer and go hard for 20 seconds, rest 10, and do it again. Even as little as 15 minutes a day can make a big difference in your physical and metal strength--both of which we need when things feel out of our control. Here's a quick "quarantine workout" you can do at home. Stay well!

Warm Up (repeat 3x)

20 squats

10 push ups

20 alternating forward lunges (10 per side)

10 crunches


Perform 10 reps of the first exercise followed by 10 of the second. Then decrease to 8, 6, 4, and 2. You have 3 minutes to complete. If you finish--hold a plank for the remainder of the 3 minutes.

Round One

Squat Jumps

Push ups

Round Two

Alternating back lunges

Tricep Dip

Round 3


Sit ups

Round 4

Jumping Jacks

Plank Taps

Repeat From Round One for a 24 minute workout

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