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Stash and Dash

Ladies, if you’ve ever stuffed your keys, credit cards, or phone down the front of your sports bra during a run or workout you know that:

  1. It’s uncomfortable

  2. It’s kind of gross when you pull out a sweat covered credit card to pay for that post run smoothie.

  3. It can give you an odd looking, “third boob” silhouette.

I’m kind of a “less is more” girl when I’m getting my sweat on outdoors (especially in the Texas heat), and I find arm bands and running belts annoying. Fortunately, some of my favorite fitness apparel brands are giving us support (pun intended) by combining fashion and function in sports bras with hidden pockets. Perfect for storing essentials, they make it easy to stash and dash in style. Here are a few of my faves:

Outdoor Voices Key Bra

With a hidden pocket on the side, the Key Bra offers medium support to minimize bounce and maximize comfort. Part of OV’s new running collection, it’s fast drying and available in really pretty color combos too! Check it out here.

Lululemon Stash and Run Bra

Leave it to the company that created the ABC (anti-ball crushing) collection for the boys, to give us the Stash and Run bra. The smooth, sweat-wicking fabric keeps the girls in place with medium support, and offers multiple pockets—because hey, we have a lot of stuff! Best for B/C cups, it comes in a variety of colors and is also available in a cute tank. Get yours here.

Nike Swoosh Pocket Bra

The first name in running apparel has our backs (and our fronts) covered with six (yes, six) pockets in their Swoosh bra. Seriously, if you need more than that, you might as well take

your purse. As with all things Nike, it’s-sweat wicking, and designed to move with your body. Order yours here.

The North Face Stow and Go Bra

More function than fashion, the Stow and Go bra is lightweight and stretchy, but with plenty of support. Body mapped ventilation keeps you cool in all the right places, and the center storage pocket leaves you hands-free. Available in sizes from A-D. Find it here.

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