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Pucker Up Butter Cup

As any good cyclist knows, you have to be prepared for anything. That’s why the pockets of my jersey always contain the following “essentials:”

· A protein bar and Stingers for fuel.

· Gum because my mouth gets dry—and because I’m addicted to chewing gum!

· My cell phone for obvious reasons.

· Cash, Debit Card and ID in case of emergency

Annnnnd, (much to the amusement of my fellow cyclists) I will ALWAYS have my silver tube of La Prarie “Almost Pink” lipstick—not only does it keep my lips hydrated and prevent chapping in strong winds, but you also never know when you might need to take a team selfie!

The problem is that if we are on a long, hot, sweaty ride, my favorite (and not-so-inexpensive) lipstick tends to melt in my pocket. So when I learned that one of my favorite water bottle companies, BKR has designed a water bottle with an ultra-hydrating, glossy lip balm right in the cap—I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it first.

BKR’s Paris Water Balm is made from a “proprietary complex of rose, algae and essential biolipids, all of which work together to stimulate collagen, hydrate, soften, plump ad prevent water loss. Best of all, it connects right to the cap of your BKR water bottle for easy on-the-go hydration inside and out! Available in three naturally flattering shades, you can buy the balm and bottles together in a “Kiss Kit” or, if you already have a BKR bottle, you can buy the balm and compact cap separately.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or you’re sweating it out in the studio you can kiss your dry, chapped lips bye-bye—and be camera ready when the perfect sweaty selfie moment strikes! Check them out HERE

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