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No Sweat! Okay, Maybe a Little

What do you get when science meets sweat? You get a line of products designed for an active lifestyle that aim to prepare, support, and enhance not only your performance, but your cool down and recovery time as well. The formulas contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, time-released cooling and refreshing properties, and even electrolytes--all things an active individual needs.

I put a few of them to the test recently and my favorites included the no-rinse Power Shower, the Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm with SPF 25, and the Hydra Drench Refreshing Facial Mist for a post workout glow any time you want it.

The line also includes a Friction Free Anti-Chaffing Spray that could come in handy on endurance rides, an Awesome Chalk Spray for preventing blisters on those heavy lifting days, and a No Sweat spray that, while it doesn't keep you from sweating completely (which is a good thing) it does help minimize moisture loss to keep you hydrated and performing at your best. Think of it as "a sports drink for your skin."

Check the entire line out at www.sweatwellth.com

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