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Lazy Girl's Lunch

Recently, I asked you guys via IG to tell me what you'd like to know more about while in isolation. Surprisingly, the overwhelming answer was, "We want more food ideas." I say, "surprisingly," for two reasons:

1. As I've said about 1,000 times, I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST, nor do I like to cook.

2. My diet is probably not the best one for you to emulate because I don't really follow a strict plan. I just sort of listen to my body and give it what it wants and needs, making sure I include plenty of protein, good fats and smart carbs--along with the occasional (okay, almost daily) sweet.

Under normal circumstances I am teaching around 10-12 classes a week and/or training for an endurance event, so I tend to follow about an 80/20 rule, eating clean as much as possible. Currently, that is not the case. I'm trying to be mindful about what I'm putting in my mouth, but I'm not going to beat myself up over a brownie (or 2).

My biggest challenge right now is that I really, really, don't like cooking--and I'm stuck at home. So I default a lot to what I call my "Lazy Girl Lunch." This is simple, and can be adjusted depending on whether or not you want some extra fat or protein.

Here's what you need for your base:

  • Brown Rice, Quinoa, or other grain (I usually use the rice because, again, LAZY)

  • Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burger Patties (other brands will work too--I just prefer this brand)

Everything else below is optional:

  • Liquid Aminos

  • Mayo

  • Sriracha Sauce

Put your rice on the stove and cook according to directions. While rice is cooking, cook burger in the oven according to directions. (note--you can nuke it---but personally, I have found the best taste and texture comes from oven baking).

While these are cooking, mix your Sriracha with a little mayo. Once everything is cooked, put rice in a bowl, add a few dashes of liquid aminos, top with the burger, and drizzle with Sriracha/Mayo blend.

If you want more protein, scramble an egg and add it to the mix. For more fat, try topping it off with an avocado.

Voila! Fast, easy, "Bonny-proof," because there is really no wrong way to do this, and tasty.


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