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Get In The Stretch Zone

I see it every day in my classes—the moment that last rep is done people start scuttling out the door faster than you can say, “cool down.” Trust me, I get it! We've all got things to do---especially those early birds who still have to hustle off to work after class, or take the kids to school. We all lead super busy lives and for many of us just finding the time to work out is an accomplishment in and of itself. Staying for the cool down feels like a waste of valuable time. But here’s the thing—the cool down matters. Why? Because you need that time to stretch your muscles and show them some love after you’ve worked them so hard. Not only does it allow your heart rate to come down, and take your mind to a calmer place, it also helps to prevent soreness and tightness.

I’m guilty too. Unless I’m training for a big endurance event, I don’t really think about muscle recovery until something starts to hurt. In fact, I have a foam roller gathering dust in the corner of my office as I write. But then I tried Stretch Zone and suddenly stretching out felt a little more like pampering and less like an obligation to me. Why? Because this 30-minute practitioner-assisted method involves someone else manipulating my body and easing my tired muscles into stretches that I wouldn’t be able to perform on my own—or at least not at that level.

As the only nationally accredited and certified stretch company in the U.S., Stretch Zone uses patented equipment and powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior to deliver both therapeutic and performance benefits. The trained practitioners apply specific methods to properly position, stabilize, isolate and manipulate the muscles, resulting in a deeper stretch and greater range of movement without discomfort.

“This is something that everyone from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, or the person who sits hunched over behind a desk all day can benefit from,” describes owner Kathryn Comfort who brought the Fort Lauderdale based franchise to San Antonio in 2019 with a Stone Oak location. Encouraged by the response of her customers, Comfort ‘s second location in Lincoln Heights will open at the end of January, with a third planned for later this year.

“Our goal is to help San Antonio residents improve their long-term health and lifestyle enhancement,” she says.

Personally, I find the experience relaxing and I noticed an immediate improvement in my oh-so-tight-hips, and in my range of motion during yoga the following day. The new Lincoln Heights location is currently offering complimentary stretches to introduce customers to the benefits prior to the official opening. For information call 210-267-5487. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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