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Finding Inspiration Together with Lu Parker & The Best KIND of Fashion

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Today is national "random acts of kindness" day and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to give a shout-out to a fabulous new line of tees and hoodies created by one of my favorite (not to mention kindest) friends, Lu Parker. I first met Lu about 20 (gulp) years ago and I can honestly say that in those two decades, I have never heard her say an unkind word about anyone. On the contrary, this former Miss USA, Emmy-award-winning television journalist, inspirational speaker, and author is the kind of woman who goes out of her way to put others at ease. At first glance, it would be easy to be intimidated by Lu's beauty and success, but after the first heartfelt, "heeeey," you realize that this is a true girl's girl, a woman who supports other women and lifts them up. So when this kind soul and animal activist told me in 2018 that she was launching Be Kind & Co as a platform for spreading kindness and trying to make the world a better place, my first thought was, "well of COURSE she is!" Because that's just what she does.

Since its inception, Be Kind & Co. has evolved into a multi-platform lifestyle brand committed to creating experiences, story-driven content, and products that bring kindness to the forefront.

"Our company focuses on creating story-driven content across all platforms, digital products that bring people together for a bigger purpose, and offline experiences," describes Lu. "We strive to help all people better understand, embrace, and practice the power of kindness not only for others but also for themselves because that is when the true magic begins!"

With the launch of a merchandise line, Lu is offering people yet another way to show that kindness matters.

"Life is better when we are kind to one another and to ourselves, so I thought, why not create apparel that we can wear to remind each other about the importance of kindness and being a kind human," she explains. "We like to say "It's Merchandise with a Message!"

Not only do these cute tees and hoodies share a message, but they also make a difference. A portion of the proceeds from the February and March sales of the "Be a Kind Human" Hoodie will be donated to Children Mending Hearts, an organization founded by filmmaker Lysa Heslov, who's dream is to inspire future generations of compassionate and socially conscious citizens who will change a culture of bullying into one of empathy and action.

"Be Kind & Co is proud to partner with this incredibly mindful non-profit that is dedicated to combating bullying and intolerance by inspiring empathy in children through art and service-learning programs," says Lu, adding that she hopes to partner with an LGBTQ organization for the sale of her "Born Kind" Rainbow Tees.

"Our team believes that part of being kind is giving back," says Lu. "My goal is to use Be Kind & Co. as a way to share content and product that inspires all of us to be a bit more kind each day. I truly believe that each kind act, even if small, helps to collectively heal the world."

Learn more about Be Kind & Co, sign up for the newsletter and view the collection here--because who couldn't use a little more kindness in our lives?

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