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Finding Inspiration Together With Devon Duerr, Intuition Coach, Whole Life Journaling Teacher

Anxiety. Fear. Anger. Sadness. These are just a few of the words that people are using to describe their feelings in our current pandemic situation—and rightfully so. It’s an uncertain time, and most of us have never experienced anything quite like it. However, I am a firm believe that while we may not always be able to choose what happens to us, we CAN always choose how we respond. One of my go-to ways to respond to the thoughts that swirl around my head is to put pen to paper. For as long as I’ve been able to string words together I’ve kept diaries and journals, so when a friend recently invited me to Devon Duerr’s journaling workshop I said YES!

Devon is an Intuition Coach and Whole Life Journaling Teacher who helps people not only find, but trust their intuition through things like affirmations, visualizations and, of course, journaling. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been experimenting with some different approaches including energy work to deal with my own anxiety, and Devon’s approach has helped me to identify and acknowledge patterns and emotions in my life as they surface. I asked Devon to share some of her techniques for dealing with the fear and anxiety that is taking hold of so many of us right now. I invite you to give them a try and see if they help you find a little clarity and peace of mind. Stay healthy!

What exactly is Whole Life Journaling?

Whole Life Journaling is a way to combine what's going on in your day-to-day life with your body, mind, and spirit. It uses this combination to identify and grow your abilities to intuit, heal, and bring about your heart's desires.

How can journaling help you deal with anxiety and other issues?

The practice of journaling puts pen to paper, giving your brain both a physical and a visual way to sort through all your mental activities. We all have an inner voice—I call it intuition. But it can be hard to hear our inner voice and understand our intuition over the collective voices that surround us. Those collective voices can either come from within (ego), or from the people in your home, community, or even the world. Journaling can help you separate your intuition from those group messages you may receive from your ego or environment. It allows you to sort through all the information you receive and the emotions you feel throughout your day and separate the truth from any hyped-up fears that have NOT become a reality.

We all have intuitive abilities. The abilities can not only help us weather challenging times, but they can also invite the energy needed to attract a loving and peaceful existence amid an ever-changing world. We often get focused on the wrong narrative during challenging or uncertain times, and it can be easy to get stuck in a negative thought pattern. Once we are in this pattern, it attracts more negative thoughts and emotions. Through journaling, you can identify this pattern, break it, and then begin to invite in the power of positive thoughts, abundance, and help from the Divine. You can actually track and cultivate your intuition.

You talk about writing intentions and/or mantras. What does that mean?

Taking the time to write your intentions gives your heart a voice. It lets your conscious, subconscious, and the universe know what your heart truly desires.

I believe that all emotions stem from one of two root emotions that become the driving factor: love and fear. Uplifting emotions like joy, passion, and courage all stem from a place of love. Challenging emotions like anxiety, anger, or resentment arise from a place of fear—often a fear of losing something that is dear to us.

Journaling can help you determine if you are actually losing something you love, or if you are simply AFRAID of losing something you love. Once you understand the difference, you can begin to change the intention behind the situation with positive words that can help release the fear and help you focus on finding a silver lining. I find that often just the act of writing the challenge down opens the door for new solutions. This newly open door allows for inspiration and exciting opportunities to enter your life. It allows the positive emotions to rise to the surface.

In addition to writing your thoughts, you recommend using affirmations and visualization techniques. How does that work?

Both visualizations and affirmations require you to be present while also sending positive energy towards your future. A crucial part of manifesting your intentions is to actually feel what it will be like when you accomplish your desires. Taking the time to visualize and surround your intentions with uplifting words will help you feel your desired outcome. And the more you feel your desired outcome, the more you will attract what you need to achieve it.

Affirmations are my immediate go-to for reducing anxiety because once you determine your preferred wording and it feels right for you, they are fast and easy to use in any situation, even if you are saying them in your head. To use affirmations to calm you, always use positive and present-tense words and leave out any "no" or "negative" sounding words. For example instead of saying, "I do not feel like I am getting sick," try, “I am in perfect health.”

Visualizations can be used along with affirmations or independently.Start by identifying the feeling you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to feel calm, then determine and preferably write in your journal, all the symbols that make you feel calm. i.e., an ocean view, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the way you feel after a great massage or relaxing bath.

Then, taking calm, deep breaths, picture your preferred symbol. For me, it’s the ocean, so I imagine the feeling of the sand under my toes and what the sun feels like on my hair and skin. I try to imagine my favorite sounds and smells; waves crashing, seagulls calling, and the smell of fresh, salty, air. I picture my body completely relaxed, as I continue to take deep, centering breathes.

Through this visualization process, you are creating a world of calm. If you feel confident, you can then add to it by saying aloud or in your mind an affirmation such as, "I am calm, and my heart is full of love and peaceful feelings." Finish with another deep breath.

For more information on writing affirmations and using visualizations to support your intentions, visit my YouTube channel for instructional videos. I will share some of my favorite affirmations and will also discuss other topics surrounding how to use your journal to track your intuition, and much more.

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