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Arm Yourself in Sweat-Proof Style

I've always been what you might call a "low maintenance" gym girl. That's not to say I don't love my Lulu, but when it comes to accessorizing my athletic apparel, I don't really go the extra mile. I've always been more concerned with performance over "put together," which means you'll usually find me in a ball cap, with little (if any) makeup, and never any "statement" jewelry. Then, I started teaching fitness classes and realized that, as with any job, it helps to dress the part--even if the "part" leaves you drenched in sweat. I've slowly embraced a more "put together" look (although I'm sure some people who know me are reading this thinking, "You have?" But hey y'all I"m trying! ). I've added some lashes and lipstick, replaced my worn-out cycle shoes with a bright pink pair, put the occasional scrunchie in my ponytail, and even found some cute arm candy that can stand up to my sweat. Check out my fave light weight, waterproof bracelets below to see how they stack up at the gym, beach, pool, brunch and beyond. Bonus: You can find them all at locally owned San Antonio boutiques.

Heishi Disc Bracelets

These stretchy, waterproof, clay bead bracelets stay where you put them and come in a rainbow assortment of colors. At only $10 each, you can mix, match, and make a bold statement anywhere you go. Available at Sparkles.

Maui Bracelets

A real, freshwater pearl takes these stretchy, waterproof, silicone bracelets from deadlifts to date night without skipping a beat. From soft neutrals to brilliant brights, they come in a wide range of colors, perfect for creating your own personal style. $32.99 at Sunset & Co.

BuDhaGirl Bracelet

Sleek and stylish, this set of nine all-weather bracelets comes in several understated tones, and are so lightweight it's easy to forget you are wearing them. More than just an accessory, these handcrafted bracelets are sealed with the BuDhaGirl Serenity Prayer bead, and designed to represent an intention for your day. Whether you are lifting in the gym or lunching with the girls, these bracelets are a good reminder to be present in every moment. Prices range from $65-$145 at AdelanteBoutique.

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