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A Good Guilty Pleasure

When it comes to guilty pleasures, buying cute workout clothes is near the top of my list. Nothing makes me feel more confident or puts a little more pep in my step than colorful tights that fit just right. That's why, when I heard about the debut of Good Guilt Apparel, the brainchild of San Antonio entrepreneur Magaly Chocano, I was beyond excited! Not only does this line of athleisure check all the boxes when it comes to fashion, function, and fun, Good Guilt checks my own personal B. FIT boxes as well:

  • Made by women

  • Made for women

  • Made to empower women

  • Made to support women

Even the name was inspired by an emotion that almost all women struggle with at one time or another: guilt.

"Whether we work or stay home, get married or stay single, have children or remain childless--women are made to feel guilty about everything, especially taking any time for ourselves," says Chocano, adding that getting bogged down in that guilt is what prevents women from moving forward. "I decided that if we aren't going to be able to get rid of it than we need to figure out how to feel alive around it and turn it into a good thing. That's where Good Guilt came from."

Designed in Peru by Chocano's cousin Andrea Penny, the line features bold colors, fun prints, and styles that fit and flatter a woman's figure in fabrics that breathe and allow her to move in comfort. Spandex blends with UV protection, matte and shiny finishes, long and short sleeves, and details like pockets for your phone make Good Guilt a good choice for every woman regardless of age or size. But more important than the styles, in Chocano's opinion, is the message. Each pair of leggings comes with a gold coin bearing a positive affirmation such as "fearless," "passion," "authentic," and "freedom," that the wearer can carry with her at all times.

"The idea is to constantly have these messages on us to give us strength," explains Chocano. "What we tell ourselves is what we become."

This is something Chocano knows first-hand. As the founder and CEO of Sweb Development, most people know this badass boss babe as a strong voice in the San Antonio community. Certainly she is the last person one would expect to struggle with feeling invisible--but at 5'2" and more than 200 pounds, that's exactly how this beautiful brunette saw herself just two years ago.

"I felt like I had put myself in a corner," explains the mom of two. "I am super social and love to travel, but I became withdrawn and started cancelling plans and cancelling trips because I was so embarrassed and ashamed of how I looked."

That's was the wake-up call that Chocano needed. After having gastric bypass surgery to jumpstart her efforts, she began a nutrition and exercise program that transformed her body--and her life. Today, 82 pounds lighter, Chocano enjoys running, competing in triathlons, and strength training with a personal trainer. Rather than hiring fitness models for her website, she models the Good Guilt line herself because she wants customers to see it on a realistic body type.

"I'm 46-years-old, I've lost 82 pounds, I have two kids, I have hips, and sagging skin," she confesses. "The point is that I want women to feel strong, powerful, and sexy because we all have the right to feel that way regardless of age or shape."

Price points for Good Guilt range from $80-$90 for leggings and $38-$50 for tops, with 10% of proceeds going to organizations that support women. Buy online at www.thegoodguilt.com.

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