Finding Inspiration Together

B. FIT SA is your guide to staying fit and healthy in San Antonio, TX. Designed with women in mind, here you will find everything from workout tips, to health and wellness advice, fitness fashion, dining guides, and more. You will also find stories of personal journeys, and reflections to encourage you to find inspiration, pursue your passions, and live your best life at any age. Welcome to our community. We are always stronger together.


I Just CAN...

In an effort to help my fellow control freaks find the “yeses,” and “I can’s,” I’m offering up a few things that have been working for me.

A Step in the Right Direction

"When something is meant for you, it fits effortlessly and, like that glass slipper, it makes you sparkle."

The Future of Fitness Post Pandemic

Thank you to Cardigan Communications for featuring me on "Got 10 Minutes?" to talk about the future of fitness post-pandemic.

Organize & Energize

I've partnered with Karen Meade Organizing to bring you some tips on leading a more organized and energized life. Check it out!

Put Your Face On...and Deal With It!

Putting yourself together physically, even it it's just a swipe of lipstick, can do wonders for your mental outlook during isolation.

Lazy Girl's Lunch

Fast, easy, and nearly impossible to screw up---check out my Lazy Girl's Lunch.

The Healing Power of Sound

Calming the mind, releasing anxiety, and finding inner peace have been my 2020 goals--read how Blue Elephant Vibes sound baths have helped.

Social (Media) Distancing

Maybe what we need after this crisis is over is less "social distancing" and more "social media distancing."

The Quick Quarantine Workout

Just because you're homebound doesn't mean you can't get your sweat on.Here's a "Quick Quarantine" workout to help you stay healthy at home.


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