Yoga at Home

Featured in the "Embrace Your Age" campaign for

"Stretching for Life."

San Antonio Magazine August 2019. 

"FIt City SA" 

Guest Editor

San Antonio Magazine January 2019

"Black Swan Swoops Into San Antonio"

San Antonio Magazine October 2018

"Rut Buster"

San Antonio Magazine July


"Putting the Fit in Fitness"
San Antonio Magazine January 2019

"Recover Like A Champ"
San Antonio Magazine August 2019

"Four Moves to Sculpt Sexy Shoulders" 

The Fine Line Magazine March 2019

"Try Strength Training to Build Bone" The Fine Line Magazine  February 2019

"7 Ways to Overcome Gym Intimidation" 

The Fine Line Magazine July 2018

"SoYou Want to be a Fitness Instructor" 
San Antonio Magazine  Jan 2020

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