One of the most rewarding things in life for me is watching people accomplish things that they once thought impossible, and knowing that I had a small part in making that happen. Witnessing the pride, excitement, and self-confidence that comes with that success is what inspired me to take my love of fitness to the next level and earn both my AFFA Group Ex, and my NASM Group Personal Training Specialist certifications. The desire to constantly evolve and push limits is what drives me because I believe that the day you stop challenging yourself is the day you stop living.
Fitness has always been an important part of my life, but it wasn't until I hit 40 that I became "athletic." A 3x century rider, half marathon runner, triathlete, half Ironman finisher, and cycle instructor with JoyRide Cycle + Fitness in San Antonio, I believe that age is just a number and that it is never too late to try something new. Being strong and healthy isn't just about the way you look-- it is about the way you feel both physically and mentally. It is about finding what motivates you and turns the "have to" into a "want to" when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.
My dedication to inspiring people to take control of their health extends beyond the walls of the gym. As a professional journalist, I serve as a Health and Fitness Contributor for local and national publications. As a member of The Mayor's Fitness Council and former co-host of FitCity SA, I work to bring information about all of the health and fitness opportunities San Antonio has to offer to the community and encourage people to get out and get moving! As a wife and mother, I work to set a positive example for my family. 
Empowering women to live their best lives, regardless of age, and to take the time to take care of themselves is my passion. Anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and desire.