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B. FIT SA is your guide to staying fit and healthy in San Antonio, TX. Designed with women in mind, here you will find everything from workout tips, to health and wellness advice, fitness fashion, dining guides, and more. You will also find stories of personal journeys, and reflections to encourage you to find inspiration, pursue your passions, and live your best life at any age. Welcome to our community. We are always stronger together.


A Winning Attitude

March Madness is in full swing across the country, and the cycle studio where I teach is hosting its own version of the playoffs....

"SEAze" These Sprouts!

Who says sprouts have to be boring? Sea Sprouts gives you everything you need to grow your own tasty greens for sandwiches, salads and more.

"Chill" Out For a Good Night's Sleep

I've been married to the same man for almost 24 years and two kids, three moves, a couple of career changes, and a global pandemic later...

Meal Planning Made Easier

If meal planning and prepping is on your resolution list, local mom and Whole 30 enthusiast Rikki Calvert has some tips for success!

...and then COVID happened...

The only resolution I am making this year is to find and focus one good thing every day--and I encourage you to do the same.

Your Race is Canceled--Now What?

You've been training hard and your race is cancelled. Do you quit? No! Here are a few tips to keep you motivated and on track.

Need A Reason to Shop? Think Pink!

If you love pink as much as I do, check out these fitness finds that benefit breast cancer research. Shopping never felt so good!

RAYZ-ing the Bar on Delicious

Read about my newest healthy-eating-made-easy discovery and enjoy a discount just for B-Fit SA readers.

The Big 5-0MG!

At 50 years old, I feel happier and healthier than I ever did in my 20s and 30s, so how do we define what age "looks" like in today's world?

Tips to "Tri"

Thinking of taking on a tri? Here are a few tips that helped me not only compete, but fall in love with the sport.

Meditation For Beginners

You don't have to "empty" your brain in order to meditate effectively. Check out these tips for bringing stillness to your mind-and life.

No Snooze--You Lose!

Nothing is better than a good night's sleep for keeping you healthy mind, body and soul. Check out my tips for getting your ZZZ's.


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